How To Take Your Measurements

To dress your shape you MUST know your measurements!

This is easy.  All you need to do is measure three areas.

Let’s get started!


This is the only one that you might need help with

  1. Stand with your shoulders relaxed
  2. Wear a tight-fitting top or a bra
  3. Using a measuring tape go across the shoulder, just under the collar and to the other shoulder
  4. Take your measurement and double this number


Locate your waist, it is one inch above your belly button

  1. Wear a tight fitting top or only your bra
  2. Stand with your back straight
  3. Wrap the measuring tape around your waist making sure it is snug but not tight (keep the tape parallel to the floor)


Measure you hips at the fullest part

  1. Wearing panties
  2. Stand with legs and back straight
  3. Wrap tape measure around the body (keeping it parallel to the floor) and keep it snug without being too tight