Meet the Bloggers

Our Beauty Blogger: Shanna

Hello! I’m Shanna –  Wife, Mother and Makeup Lover!  I’m married to my best friend, have four amazing teenage daughters and an obsession with makeup and all things related to beauty.

My love for makeup started in my thirties when I watched a video showing how to apply the basics.  It was then that a passion was born.  My goal is for every woman to feel empowered, confident, and beautiful.  I will demystify makeup and teach the everyday woman how to choose and apply products to create a look that suits her.

I spend my spare time volunteering, reading, and baking – in fact, I have been told that many of my baked dishes rival that of Betty Crocker! My next leisure goal is to travel! My husband and I look forward to the day that we are able to travel and explore the world together.





Our Style Blogger: Michelle

Hello All! I am Michelle Clark. I was born and raised in Dayton, OH, but am currently living in California. From a young age I was instantly mesmerized by the way you can express your personality through fashion. There is always an outfit for any occasion!

Aside from everything fashion, I have another interest that I am just as enamored with, and that is cars. From weekend car events to stunt riding on motorcycles to building a drift car…I love it all!

Within my blog I hope to give you inspiration and a new-found confidence in your shopping experiences. I want to guide you to the best shops for quality brands on a budget. Additionally, I want to get you to come to our site for the latest fashions and help you mimic the current trends at a more reasonable price point!