New Year, New You!

As each new year comes around, we are often reminded to take a step back to reflect on the past year and create resolutions for the upcoming one.

Like most people, Jody, Shanna and I have set ours for a healthier year!

So, Jody and Shanna have enrolled in EricaFitLoves’s #FitForYou New Year’s Challenge, which starts January 8th! I cannot wait to see their transformations at the end of their eight-week journey. I, however, am going solo and will attempt to stick to an 8-week workout regimen alongside them…just a little secret, I always drop out around the third week…so this will be a huge challenge.

Personally, part of feeling amazing in your own skin is feeling as though you look your best, and sometimes it’s hard work to get there. And sometimes before you start, you need some new outfits that help you feel your best.

You know those days where you wake up and already know today isn’t going how you want.

You don’t like anything you put on, you only want to wear some leggings and an oversized sweater, and you’re running late so you can’t have your morning caffeine? Well, we all have those days, and the only way you can help yourself out of your own head is to actually get dressed, whether you feel comfortable or not. There is just something to the fact that you feel more put together when you get dressed.

This goes for athletic wear too. If you are already feeling blah, and throw on a baggy tee-shirt and leggings, you probably won’t be as motivated or driven to push yourself, then if you put on an outfit to workout. Now, I don’t mean you should go all out and buy a matching sports bra, yoga pants, and shoes, all of the same brand. What I mean is that you should wear some nice workout pants, put on a sports bra and a nice workout shirt or tank top…and maybe a matching pair of shoes…it never hurt anyone.

The point of putting an outfit on to go work out is that you’ll instantly feel a little more confident in yourself. Think about a time when you felt like this – you were probably wearing a great outfit. I want you to always feel confident, and that includes when you go to the gym. I’ve picked out a few looks to help you put together some of your own!

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Happy New Year!!


(personal IG: m_clark)


















Happy New Year!!


(personal IG: m_clark)


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