Christmas Chic!

While I’m still dreaming of this white Christmas to come through, I am also overthinking on my Christmas Eve church outfit.

Like many families, mine attends a Christmas Eve service that not only provides a positive message but brings the family together the night before a very busy day.

We spend the day before, relaxing, finalizing some wrapping, getting the gifts organized and making a family dinner. Then it turns into chaos because I waited last minute to pick out my outfit, and now I can’t find anything to wear. In years past, I’ve worn nice, semi-fancy looks, and more recently, I’ve gone a little more casual – black skinny jeans, heels, and a nice black sweater. This year, I plan to keep it close to that more casual look, but I’m sure that’ll change!

Coming home from church, I’m always relaxed and have now grown more excited for the day ahead. When getting ready for bed, I find myself putting on my typical sleepwear, and thinking about my outfit change for the morning pictures…my mom becomes a tourist on Christmas day, so I have to be ready!

I used to throw on the matching pajamas for Christmas morning, but more recently I’ve opted for black leggings, long sleeve shirt & a sweater. It’s so casual and comfy, and looks great in photos, except I always debate photoshopping myself in a luxurious cabin in Montana because that’s my other life.

There is something so blissful within the nightly transition from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, all of us at The Look Of You, are wishing you and your families a very Happy Holidays!


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