Stocking Stuffers


‘Tis the season for spending!

Let’s be honest, we all get carried away when we’re out shopping for others during the holidays – a thoughtful gesture turns into a pile of goodies we didn’t even know others needed!

Stocking stuffers are always so fun to buy. The check out lines in every store are lined with these small amazing items, ensuring their place as a stocking stuffer..from nail polish and socks to make up brushes and palettes…there are plenty of options and reasons to pick these small items up!

I don’t think stocking stuffers have to be limited to their name, I think they can fulfill a purpose in giving to friends too! I love opening gifts during the Holidays vs. getting cash. To me, a gift is more personal and meaningful. Others I have asked feel the same….but I want to know your thoughts too!

Do you prefer opening gifts or receiving cash?!

There are certain forms of “cash” I do enjoy getting though, like gift cards to a specific store I love, or a coffee shop I frequently visit. The thought behind those is that the giver knows where and what I will be using their gift on, which personalizes the gesture!

Check out my top 10 stocking stuffers this holiday season!
























































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