Winter Layering

As the sudden cold front turns into our official Winter weather, I have found myself scrambling to find those extra layering pieces to pair with each outfit.

Adding scarfs, jackets, cardigans, or gloves – either way, I’ve managed to still leave the house underdressed.

I have reorganized part of my closet pushing my sweaters and cardigans in easy reach. I’ve also pushed my long sleeve shirts to the front because they are my winter staple. I also keep a few t-shirts and tank tops in the line-up because sometimes those are better for layering. Go through your closet and pick out the pieces you wear most and place them in an easy reach location. You have several months of this cold weather…if you think you’ll put that sweater back in the back instead of on your floor…we all know you won’t. Might as well place it in the front so you’re more likely to hang it back up!

The most obnoxious thing to say out loud when layering for winter is, “Just add a coat on top of that coat.” Sounds crazy, but looks amazing. You can add cute accessories to any winter look by pairing a detailed purse, a wide brim hat, oversized scarf or tall boot.

Check out some of my favorite coats, boots, and scarfs for this season!

Comment below on your favorite winter finds!!


You’ve Got The Love Faux Fur Shrug

Countryside Luxe Plaid Scarf

Coat with Textured Cuffs

Teddy Peacoat


Chloe Fringed Suede Bootie

Over The Knee Boot


4 thoughts on “Winter Layering”

  • Although it’s tempting to wear the heaviest coat and boots I own when it’s freezing outside, I’ve found that I carry myself better when I wear high quality, thinner fabrics as layered pieces. I move better and feel more elegant. Also those bulky fabrics and flat boots make me look even shorter than I am. I read an article that French women never wear bulky boots with bulky coats even though most Parisians spend more time outside than we midwesterners. And we all know how elegant they are. Thanks for a great article. That Camel coat from Zara is so elegant!

    • Renee! Thanks so much for your comment! I completely agree with the difficulty in wearing heavy coats & boots. Let us know if you get that coat from Zara, or find a better one!! Stay warm & Happy Holidays! 🙂

      • I ordered the coat as a “gift” from my husband. Sometimes I give him a little hint, and then there are times when I have to do more. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday too!

        • Haha!! I love it…that is such a smart way to do it! Tag us on your IG page if you post a picture with the coat on, we’d love to see how you styled it!
          Our IG is @thelookofyoustyle


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