Honestly, who wouldn’t want to spend all day in loungewear?!

We should have a national holiday dedicated to loungewear or pajamas…heck add some slippers to the look for the optimum effect.

As much as I love getting ready and picking out an outfit, I equally love changing out of my clothes and putting on something comfortable at home. I think we’ve forgotten the difference between loungewear and athletic wear. Loungewear used to mean matching pajama-like sets, but now all we do is throw on our leggings or yoga pants and add a t-shirt or sweatshirt and call it a day.

Kara Wrap Top & Shorts Set

Garden Flower Camisole & Short Pajamas

I want to bring back loungewear and matching pajamas to our lives. I think it’s important to still feel put together even when lounging.

Think about it…if you’re having an off day, and you throw on comfortable clothes that are baggy and then you just throw your hair up because no one is home to care, you’re probably going to stay in that funk a lot longer because you just threw stuff on that was within reach. From personal experience, when I feel blah about myself and don’t want to get ready, but do it anyway and proceed with my daily routine, I always end up forgetting why I was in my funk, to begin with.

There is just something about going to bed in actual loungewear that makes you wake up feeling ready to take on each day…probably because you already feel dressed. I don’t think you necessarily need to go buy silk pajamas to wear to bed (although the unrealistic side of me is dying for some), but actually dressing in a comfortable outfit that still looks cute can be a small change you didn’t know you needed.


Sleep Shirt

J.Crew Knit Sleep Shirt

Doing what I do best and shopping online, I’ve found a few great options for practical loungewear style. From shorts to being casual, and even something to entertain those who need a little richness in their lives…I mean common…who doesn’t want a pair of satin pajamas?!…maybe I’m alone in this.


Cotton Twill Pajamas

Pinstripe Crop Pajamas

Let us know which of the three loungewear looks you would choose in the comments below!




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