Winter Coats

No lie…shopping for winter coats is one of my favorite things to shop for.

I will go into every store, every mall, and visit every online site, just to find the perfect style. It’s a sick hobby. I spent three years searching for the perfect leather jacket. My requirements were that it had to be real leather, have a leather hood, and the bottom had to be black sweatshirt-like material, to make it have a cool and casual feel. The best part was that I got it at Saks Off Fifth for 40% off, which was an error they made, but still honored it! Can you say SCORE?!

I love finding great deals on more expensive seasonal staples, but I wouldn’t bat an eye at a price if it was the most perfect winter coat of the season…and don’t forget all of the necessary accessories that go with a winter look; scarfs, gloves, and hats. Since winter lasts so god-awfully long in Ohio, jackets play more of a role in your overall outfit. If you’re going out to a dinner date, you shouldn’t show up wearing your marshmallow, snow shoveling jacket. Or if you go skiing/snowboarding and only have a long trench jacket, you probably shouldn’t wear that for several reasons, you’d be too cold, the possibility of ruining the wool, and you would just look silly.


Half Mega Fashion Wool Fringe Scarf

Check and Stripe Scarf


Having several different winter coat styles is simply necessary for the season.

You should have one standard overly puffy, warm snow-shoveling jacket, one dressy wool jacket, and either a fur coat you love or a nice leather jacket. You can pair any of these coats with some amazing leather gloves to take each look up a style notch!


Lucky Leather Biker Jacket

‘Miss Metro’ Hooded Parka

Zip Leather Gloves

‘Basic Tech’ Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves


I must say, finding a great wool jacket is a task in and of its own. First, you have to decide whether you want a short, medium or a long one. Next, you have to figure out if you want a double breasted, single, or hook style buttons. And last, you need to debate what color tone would go best with your winter wardrobe.


Belted Wool Coat

Tailored Cream Coat with Drape Back

To find a great heavy and warm winter coat can be tricky too. I already knew what brands I was able to choose from because I wanted to go with a snowboarding brand for when I went to the parks. Once I got my board and gear, I wanted my coat and pants to match that brand, which made it pretty easy to select one, especially since I wanted a girly style. Snowboarding and girly style don’t mix too well, so my options were slim. If you want s slimmer winter coat with some style, I would highly recommend looking at snowboarding brands because they have amazing styles, are extremely warm and aren’t usually overly bulky.


Leave a comment if you want help finding your perfect jacket!!


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