Sweaters, Boots and Coats – Oh My!


With Fall in full effect, we no longer have to debate if we need to wear a coat in the morning…the answer is now YES!

I am currently on my flight headed back to Los Angeles for a few days, where tank tops and open-toed shoes are still appropriate. When I looked at the temp, it was still 85º and sunny #perfectweather.

Even though it may not feel like fall in Los Angeles, people are starting to dress in fall styles; think skirts, boots and oversized sweaters. Or even cropped skinny jeans, chunky sweaters, and a closed-toe shoe.

x Something Navy Off the Shoulder Sweater
Feelin’ Fresh Vegan Skirt

As much as I love my home here in Ohio, I do often wish that we had a little more diversity with the way we dress for the colder weather. When it’s cold…it’s cold. Forget being cute at that point, I just want to be bundled up and warm. Give me 3 coats and 5 sweaters with some Ugg boots – not cute – but serves a greater purpose!

Although I am sometimes faulty in my sweater weather style, I do think there is a way to easily be in style this fall, without freezing! Style influencers on IG make their looks so comfortable and chic; however, when I recreate the look with all their layers, I look like uncomfortable and like I’m wearing one too many layers.

Blazer Moto Jacket
Destroyed Cable Pullover

Layering for fall can definitely be tricky since most fall essentials are bulky, to begin with, but there are ways to do it successfully. When the season changes, I find the hardest with the transition to be my choice in shoes. I don’t own a lot of boots, and the ones I have are all heels. I don’t always want to wear a heel, and not every outfit pairs well with booties…and I don’t like wearing the same boot day after day…shocking.

Finding your staple to every fall look is key. If you have a pair of jeans you wear often, stick to that, or if you have a favorite sweater or coat for fall, stick to that. My staple piece is black jeans. I have a variety of options when it comes to sweaters or layering pieces, which is why my style looks like it changes. Same thing if you only have a few sweaters, but love having a selection of pants to change up your look. It’s smart and practical to have one “signature” piece to your look, and switch out the rest!

x Something Navy Wrap Cardigan

It’s essential to have at least three pairs of fall shoes…boots to be exact. Heeled boots, a pair of booties, flat – low ankle boots, and suede boots. Personally, the knee-high boots are completely out of style now. People used to wear leggings with oversized tops that covered their butts and then those knee-high boots…but honestly, that just isn’t the trend anymore. Fall style is more stylish and put together. I think the fall style is becoming more fashionable and easy-to-wear, and I think a big reason is that skinny jeans are so popular. The legging style was definitely a trend, and skinny jeans have simply taken over!

‘Beach Cocoon’ Cowl Neck Pullover
Jowett Pencil Skirt

After being in LA for a few years, and coming back to Ohio, I think the style trends here could get a minor face-lift. Nothing is wrong with the style, but wouldn’t it be better to have styles that mirrored what we are seeing celebrities wear? OF COURSE!

I’m not saying go spend $2,000 on two designer tops, but what I am saying is look for similar pieces to pair together to match that style technique. There are ways to do that…trust me!


Leave a comment if you want some Fall Sweater Weather help from us!



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