One Of A Kind

In honor of Halloween coming up, we’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to everything Unicorns…

and taking it a step further, our beauty expert, Shanna, did a Broadcast on Facebook Live with a special guest and they had a HUGE surprise! If you didn’t get to watch it you should jump over and watch the replay!  Sophisticated Chic Unicorn Hair

If that isn’t magical enough, I’m here to help direct you to THE BEST unicorn Halloween costume you could make. Shopping for these looks was not an easy task. You can’t just simply type in how to dress like a unicorn and expect the results you want to pop up. So, I went to a few amazing online stores to see what I could find.

If you’re ever wanting to find some trendy pieces that are a bit more than you would find in your typical Nordstrom, Target or Department store, you must go to sites like Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, and Dolls Kill. These three stores will have your one-of-a-kind pieces you are looking for Halloween.

When I was browsing for this unique look, I had three different styles in mind. The first style I thought of was going all-out – metallic leggings, a unicorn horn, a fur horsetail as a belt, some crazy makeup, and a sparkly, iridescent top. The second look was more wearable? Meaning, a rainbow-like dress, maybe some boots and extremely colorful makeup. The third look I thought of was a little more mythical and pure.

Going into the first look; this is going to be you one of a kind outfit. This is all out and will have you looking amazing for any Halloween party you attend! If you’ve always wanted to wear an entire look made of sequins and metallic boots…now is your chance.

1. Barbarella Sequin Romper
2. Show Your True Colors RAINBOW Sequin Mini Dress
3. Unicorn Head-Piece
4. Unicorn Dreams Iridescent Face Glitter
5. Space Oddity Thigh-High Boots
6. Illuminating Thoughts Purple Heels

The next look is more wearable but still has the all the sparkle, glitter, and colors you need to transform you into a one of a kind unicorn for the night!

1. Unicorn Princess Bodysuit
2. Ultra Luv Bug Fringe Bodysuit
3. Sheer Iridescent Pants
4. Rhiannon Lace-Up Purple Bell Bottoms
5. Out From Under Sequin Bra Top
6. Chain Top
7. Aqua Tie-In Hair Falls
8. Iridescent Angel Glitter Set
9. Unicorn Head Horn

This third look is tamer, but still fully incorporates all the characteristics that a unicorn has and what we think of when dressing as a unicorn for Halloween, but has more of a mythical and pure look to it. Think of an all-white unicorn!

1. Unicorn Horn
2. White Feather Dress
3. White Mesh Dress
4.  Faux Fur Heel
5. The Stella Heels
6. Chasing Rainbow Platforms
7. Pink Ballet Platforms


Tell us which look you would most-likely wear in the comments below! 



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