Power Dressing

As some of you may know…if you’ve been keeping up with all the buzz on our social media pages…I have moved back to the Midwest! California was amazing, and I’m sure I’ll return one day, but I am happy to be back in my hometown.

Upon moving back, I accepted a new job with LexisNexis, which means I spent my first three days back in Ohio shopping before I started my new job. My job in California was casual and laid back, and I knew going into this new job I was going to need to step up my wardrobe. I tossed my flats for heels, traded my jeans for dress pants, and was able to go shopping in my own closet and found too many dressy tops that I had previously purchased for those ‘I’ll wear them one day!’ moments…and my moment was finally here.

When I was going store to store, I was happily surprised to find power suits being shown on the mannequins.  With a strong return of 80’s style, designers are finding trendy ways to make power dressing relevant again.


Personally, I don’t see myself as the type of person to wear a blazer with slacks, so on my first day at my new job, I wore some cropped slacks, rolled the bottoms to make them appear a little cooler and slouchy, a silky capped sleeve plain black top tucked in, and paired my favorite Louboutin’s with the look. To accessorize, I added my daily rings, a gold, and silver skinny chain bracelet and wore my new gold ankle bracelet to bring a little light to my all black look.

Check out some amazing power dressing looks that I am obsessed with from Zara:


The biggest key to my look was that I felt confident walking into a group of new people I didn’t know. My first day was the first time I was going to meet my boss, the first time going to this location, and the first time going into something this blind…but none of that made me anxious because I felt so confident with the outfit I was wearing, and to me, this is what power dressing is all about.



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