Pantone Fashion Colors


If you still aren’t convinced that Etcetera needs to be your go-to source for all fashion

I’m here to help! Not only is Etcetera’s Fall 2017 Collection amazing, but their colors for fall within the collection have a commonality between the colors shown at NYFW and LFW with that showcased in the annual Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2017.

The Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute describes the Fall 2017 palette as, “Warm and comforting. And while comforting, enveloping colors and ease are crucial to the seasonal feeling, standout shades include a ballet slipper pink, refreshing golden lime, and a bright marina blue. These hues add a striking touch when paired with the classic autumnal shades of Navy, Neutral Gray, Butterrum and Tawny Port.”

Etcetera has incorporated all of these hues into their Fall 2017 Collection…

and it is AMAZING. The top colors they showcase in their collection are black, gray, pale pink, navy blue, pop of red and golden lime. They hit all the fashion marks when they are compared and evaluated. Hop over to their website and check out their fall lines to see what all the hype is about!!!

The overall brand is about being effortless, casual, and approachable. They want their devoted shoppers to build a wardrobe, not just an outfit. Their pieces are made and styled to transition from one look to the next, and you can add in simple trending pieces to complete different looks. This saves your bank account while maximizing your outfits!

While Etcetera is on-track with the Pantone Color list for fall, this is your time to snag some great pieces from them! Per last week’s post, Jody is still taking styling appointments through September 6th. Be sure to set up your one-on-one appointment, or grab your girls for a fun afternoon playing dress-up! You will be styled using the Etcetera Fall 2017 collection, which gives you a hands-on experience with the clothes to feel the quality and durability they have, plus you get to try everything on first, and then order! Who doesn’t love a good pampering service?!

If you are dying to get an experience like this, contact Jody by email at or by phone/text at 937-369-6332.

Can’t wait to hear from you all soon, and help you be the confident, stylish woman you are made to be!


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