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Etcetera’s Fall 2017 collection is teaming up with Stella & Dot to bring you an amazing Boutique!


The Look Of You is hosting an extremely special personal styling session, either one-on-one or an outing with your girls. What more could you ask for?!

If you are looking for help finding a style that fits your personality and makes you feel confident…well, we are here to help you! This session allows you to try on a variety of styles and selections from Etcetera’s Fall 2017 Collection, and we are here to help you feel and look your absolute best!

The one-on-one experience will be an hour-long session where we will help you select outfits using the 2017 Fall Etcetera collection, help teach you your body shape and clothing silhouettes, and help you build your dream wardrobe!

If you like spending the day with your girls, bring them shopping for a personalized three-hour experience! We will style each one of you using the 2017 Fall Etcetera collection, teach you on your body shape and clothing silhouettes, help you build your dream wardrobe…and we’ll top it with beverages and hors d’oeuvres (we would never forget the drinks!).

Expect this experience to be an amazing, uplifting, and powerful one. It’s our goal to help empower your true self and to walk with you in your steps to feeling confident. These sessions will have you leaving a new person who is excited to go shopping because you now know what to look for to fit your silhouette. We are here to make it fun and easy!

Before I show you a few examples of you possible outfit selections and the individual pieces you can choose from, be sure to contact Jody McGrath at 937-369-6332 to book your appointments now!! Sessions can be booked between September 1st – 6th and we have times open from 1 pm – 7 pm on those days.


Book your appointment now before they all fill up!


Now, for the examples; Etcetera has three fall lines: Etcetera, ETC, and E3. So, the examples below will each showcase the different lines from their fall collection!


Etcetera Fall 2017 is more your everyday work attire. It’s a little more dressy, and can easily transition into a nighttime dinner/cocktail look. They showcase a few weekend looks that offer jeans with a heel, so it’s still a dressier feel.

ETC Fall 2017 is your more casual dressy look. They offer more pants with heels and know how to dress up a casual look making you look good on-the-go!

E3 Fall 2017 is warm comfortable dress vibe. They showcase more sweaters, cardigans, coats, and scarfs. Still wearing heels, but show some outfits with boots. This is your go-to guide for the colder months coming up…and my personal favorite line!

Go tell your friends, gather a group, and book your appointments with Jody ASAP! We love helping you find your confidence and walking your journey with you!


xo MC

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