Sheer is Here!

Sheer has been the hottest trend with celebrities out here in Hollywood, and seeing how this “see-thru” look can be a little risqué, I want to bring a more day-to-day approach to this trend!


More recently seen on Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, and Bella Hadid; these ladies will bare it all before thinking twice, while most of us would rather not expose that much. There is a way to do both, wear a sheer piece of clothing and not show everything.


Let’s start with your undergarments…You have an array of options to choose from depending on how much skin you want to show. Starting with a tank top under a sheer top, lessening it to a crop-top, and then you have your bandeau tops…which are like lacey bralettes…and my favorite to pair under sheer tops.



Black Bralette 1

Black Bralette 2

Black Bralette 3

If you want to try wearing sheer bottoms, this can be a little more tricky to pull off without showing too much. Your first option would be to wear a slip, next would be full coverage high-waisted panties and if you want to show your butt.well, let’s not even give that option!


Trying a sheer dress is a little easier, I would opt for wearing a tank-top like slip, to keep it classy and clean with a summer vibe. If the dress is mid-length, wearing jeans and a cute bandeau top underneath would be a cute night-out look too.

Night Out Dress

Mesh Maxi Slip


Sheer pieces can instantly be an inappropriate look, but if done right, you can look effortlessly chic and up-to-date with the trends…which is what we want! Get inspired by these looks and try them out to see which look you like best!



Midi Blouse

Flower Sheer

Mesh Top


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