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As if dressing for the day wasn’t challenging enough, getting ready for a job interview adds an extra stressor to your routine. What you picked out, tried on, and finalized, will usually change come morning time. So, what does one where for an interview?!

Walking into an interview is literally your ONLY first impression you get to present before you start talking. If you don’t match or if your shoes are dirty and used, the interviewee might already have a nick next to your name. I strongly believe that the type of job you’re interviewing for completely dictate the type of outfit you choose.

For example; If you’re interviewing for a male dominate corporate position, I would suggest wearing a pant suit with heels or dressy flats. If a suit isn’t your thing, opt for dress pants, heels/flats and a long sleeve sweater or nice flowy top. This immediately states, I’m here to work, and ready to play with the guys.


If I’m interviewing for a loose corporate job in retail Sales, I would suggest wearing a long dress, below the knee, heels, and accessorize with sophisticated jewelry. Someone applying for a sales position should want to come across welcoming, entertaining, and persuasive. If you want to add more structure to the look, try dress pants and a cream-colored top. You want to appear fun and ready to sell your product!

I typically always wear an all black outfit. I know I can’t go wrong in all black and there is less room for mistakes. I am a young professional, who loves fashion so I want that to come across in my when I walk into the room.

If you are someone who often wears color, don’t hold that back now. Add muted colors in your tops, but keep your pants a solid and dark color. If the job you’re interviewing for suggests a dress, keep it plain and simple. Try an a-line structure vs. a tight pencil dress. An a-line shape will give you a feminine look, while keeping it classy and fun, but be sure the dress is at an appropriate length!

The most important advice, is to dress comfortably. Wear pieces that you would typically wear. If you don’t wear button down and tuck them into your pants, don’t wear that outfit today! You’ll be fussing with the top, making sure it’s laying right and isn’t too low, and making sure it’s still tucked in and isn’t just hanging untucked looking sloppy. The infamous phrase, if you look good, you feel good; so wear something presentable that makes you feel your best!

And while dressing for an interview can be stressful, try on your options the night before so you have them ready to go the next day. You want to wake up as stress-free as possible and prep yourself for your much-anticipated interview.

Check out some looks I’ve assembled below:

Comment your go-to interview looks, and comment with any questions you have about how to dress for an interview!











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