What to wear for Casual Friday

Monday to Thursday we are supposed to dress-up in the office…But there are times when Casual Friday is permitted…and we LOVE these moments. If you are in an environment where your work provides a variety of shirt options and asks you to pair it with slacks of a matching color, then you LIVE for these days.


I am lucky enough to work in an office where we are expected to be well-dressed and up with the current trends; however, we aren’t told to dress-up…so fortunately we have Casual Friday Monday to Friday! During the week, I typically wear one of my many black skinny jeans and a dressy top with flats or summer sandal. If it’s warm out, I usually roll the bottom of my jeans up to give my look a more summery vibe.


While jeans are anyone’s go-to casual Friday staple, I’m sure a t-shirt doesn’t pair well with those in a work environment. Try opting for a nice flowy top, or t-shirt with a blazer overtop in a neutral color. Your look still needs to be professional and chic!


If you’re a person who LOVES to wear color, but have to tone it down for work, try adding in a pop of color with an accessory. Showcase your love of color with a great pair of shoes, stackable bracelets, or a beautiful bold bag. My advice when adding color to your outfit with shoes, is to keep it a diluted color. For example, a light blue, pale pink, navy, or deep red. Going with a bright flashy color for shoes can make your look seem more outdated and young.


Looks we love!

Once you know the weather and what type of “outfit mood” you’re in (whether you want to wear jeans, skirt, slacks, shorts or a dress), this will help narrow down your top options and overall vibe of your look! Try combining pieces from your work and weekend wardrobe for your overall casual Friday look!






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