TLOY Runway Recap ft. Etcetera

It’s a big deal to dream something, it’s an even bigger deal to make it happen!


Last Thursday, The Look Of You put on Dayton’s FIRST EVER fashion show ft. an amazing collection by Etcetera. This wasn’t just a fashion show, because the collection was on display and available for purchase after the show. Etcetera’s line is effortless, casual and approachable. There is such detail into each piece and it is reflected in their product quality. Etcetera strives to personalize your experience and create your spirited style, which allowed this event to be more than a runway show, and allowed the audience to be interactive with each piece.

While I wasn’t able to attend the event live and in person, I watched the show remotely since TLOY streamed it live to our Facebook page. If you happened to miss the show, click here to watch the collections! If you happen to see something in the show that you must have, be sure to comment below or email:

The runway show was nothing short of perfection; from the music that played for each category of the collection to the decorations that surrounded the event, it’s safe to say the event went on without a hitch! Jody and Coryn are successfully introducing the Dayton area to style and fashion one event at a time. It was great to see how many attended, donated and celebrated the two of them, and all in support of Cindy Gaboury.

With the Summer months quickly sneaking up on us, Etcetera holds the perfect collection to build your summer wardrobe. Each piece can easily transition into your current style, and help shake things up for your summer attire. Check out these easy-to-wear outfits that were also featured in our runway show!


Some of my favorite WOW moments in the show were the wide-brim hat in the first look, an amazing black and white dress that flowed and had some structure, and white pants that are perfect for a fresh summer look.


Stay tuned for more fashion fun to come from our team at The Look Of You! And as a reminder, my blogs are moving from Thursday to
Monday, every  single  week! Be sure to keep up with me for the latest fashion tips and trends!


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