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Hello All! My name is Michelle. I was born and raised in Dayton, OH, but currently live in Los Angeles, CA. I fell in love with fashion at a young age; Mesmerized by the way an outfit is layered, the way certain shoes can completely change the vibe of a look, the way a necklace can make or break the aesthetic, and the way you can project your personality by simply getting dressed. I have always been an avid dress-up player: Going to the store? There is an outfit for that. Going to the gym? There is an outfit for that. Going to a holiday brunch? There is an outfit and drink for that. Fashion has always been my muse and connection to myself.

After I graduated from College, I accepted an internship in California with a Fashion PR Agency called, Brooklyn PR LA. Within my time there, I was able to assist stylist in the industry. My biggest moment was working with Shaun Ross, who is the sweetest!

Within my blog I hope to give you inspiration and a new-found confidence in your shopping experiences. I want to instill your core purpose back into your outings and guide you to the best shops for quality brands on a budget. Additionally, I want to get you to come to our site for the latest fashions and see our how to mimic the current trends with a more reasonable price-point!

Aside from everything fashion, my other passion is cars. I attend several car events every weekend, stunt ride on motorcycles, and am currently building a drift car. Cars are similar to fashion. You have to know what style and type of car is capable of what. You can make it your own by adding new wheels, changing the color, and deciding whether you want to be known for how your car sits or how your car drives. Looks and brands are still everything no matter what direction you choose. Feel free to learn about cars on my website:

The Team at The Look Of You asked me to share 10 Tidbits about myself!

1. What is your current Screensaver?
Black screen. I don’t do background pictures.

2. Pool or Ocean, which do you prefer?
Does pool with an ocean view count?!

3. Favorite Author/Book?
Author: F. Scotts Fitzgerald. Book: The Diary of Anne Frank

4. Warm or Cold weather?
75 Degrees and sunny with a Black Iced Tea and oversized sunnies!

5. Last person you texted?
My Mom.

6. Last song you listened to?
In My Foreign by The Americanos

7. Country you want to visit?
Greece. It looks like a great place to unplug and emerge myself into their culture. I could also pick Italy for all the car manufactures and big races!

8. Favorite food?

9.Best Fashion Find?
I found a Chloé dress for $20!

10. Coffee, Tea or Cocoa?
Coffee & Tea!

Let me know what your 10 Tidbits are in the comments below!

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