Weird Weather Fashion

The weather here in Ohio has been CRAZY for the month of January. It has literally gone back and forth from freezing to semi nice out. A lot of times it is difficult to figure out how to dress when the four seasons happen all in one week. Here are my top three items to cycle in and out during the crazy ‘winter’ weather.

1. The Trench Coat from Old Navy
I’m IN LOVE with the trench coat right now. It’s easy to layer over a sweater but also a nice thin layer for the 60 degree weather. Pair it with jeans for a casual day or wear it to work!

2. The Textured Cardi-Coat from Old Navy
I’m telling you this thing will be the coziest thing you ever wore. Slip on a simple t-shirt underneath, throw that sucker on and you’re good to face any weather!

3. The Velvet Romper from Ann Taylor Loft
I love a romper because you can wear it when its warm, but pair it with some tights if it’s cold. This velvet romper is so classy. Wear it to get a drink!
Comment below with other items of clothing that you think would work during this weird season!
Stay warm, friends.

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