01.09.2017- Tips to Styling your 2017 HOT BOD!

The new year can bring new changes to your workout routine.  This leads to a shifting/changing body that you might be wondering how to dress…in this video we will discuss how to embrace and dress your changing body.

  1. Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean everything about your body will shrink.  You butt gets bigger, not in a bad way bigger but in a fuller, lifted, and toned bigger.  Remind yourself that it’s not you gaining weight but in your body shifting its proportions.
  2. Your hips and waist are getting smaller.  You’ll still have the same body shape, it will just be more enhanced.
  3. You’ll notice your shoulders/arms are getting bigger but in the best way possible.  They’ll be looking more toned/sculpted.

Embrace your changing body and use our tips to help you dress it during this change.

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