The Easiest Way to Get Free, New Clothes

You may have read that title and thought that I was about to unearth some hidden secret that will forever change your wallet. Let’s be real: no clothing store actually just gives away free clothes unless….well, no. There’s no ‘unless.’ They just don’t do it.


Next weekend is Christmas and I can only hope that many of you will be spending the holidays with your family and friends. What better time than the holidays to create a clothing swap?? This is the easiest, free way to mix up your wardrobe. Plus, if you’re all going to be together at the same time then why not? Many times we’ve looked at our friends and family and thought, “Oh, I LOVE that sweater! I wish I had one like it.” But maybe they’re not as attached to it as you think. They may be willing to give it up in exchange for something else of yours that they’ve had their eye on.

Let your people know that you want to set up a swap and name a time and place. Not only is this a great way to get together to hang out, but you will all walk away pleased that your wardrobe has a few new pieces in it. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gone over to my mom’s house and walked out with a couple new shirts that she’d never worn but thought I’d like. Or the amount of times that my sister and I have swapped pieces of clothing (rather begrudgingly) for several months to add some variety into our closet. Here’s an example of a beautiful dress that our very own Coryn Bostwick (Co-Owner of the Look of You) passed on to me.


This event is something so easy that it could happen quarterly or biannually each year that way your wardrobes are always getting updated. Even just simply asking to borrow an item of clothing from a friend or family will give you some freedom to put together new outfits. But always remember to be kind and respectful of the other parties’ items.

Variety is not as hard as it seems. Sometimes you just need to think outside of the box and get creative.

Merry Christmas!

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