Breakfast to Fuel Your Day

Some days it’s hard to get a good meal in to start the day.  If you’re not an early riser then morning can quickly become lunchtime before you’ve even made it out of bed. Thankfully, I am a person who likes waking up early.  This makes it easier to have a balanced and consistent diet; meaning that I make sure I eat breakfast before starting my day!

Breakfast is important to your body for so many different reasons.  By starting your day out with breakfast it will give you energy and also promotes weight loss/maintenance.  Breakfast also regulates your blood glucose levels and your metabolism. The majority of people who start their day without breakfast are tired, they do not have energy to do their work or stay focused on the tasks they are doing.  Breakfast helps you stay alert and banshees fatigue. So make sure you are getting something in your stomach before starting the day!

To Go Green Eggplant Wrapwrap

1 Green Veggie Wrap
¼ Avocado, smashed
1 slice of Eggplant
1 oz Pepper Jack Cheese (I use vegan)

  1. Heat a skillet with a bit of olive oil in it over medium heat.  Season eggplant with sea salt and pepper.  Sautee eggplant on each side for about 1 minute or until it is tender. Remove from heat and set aside.
  2. Assemble your wrap.  Spread smashed avocado over the wrap and top with pepper jack cheese.  Place your cooked eggplant over the center and fold the sides of your wrap in and roll up.
  3. Enjoy with any healthy side dish.


Warm up
run for about 5 to 10 minutes

Workout, what you will need
light dumbbell weights
local high school or a facility that has stadium stairs (make sure you get permission to work out there.  If not you can always use your stairs at home)

Do 5 to 6 rounds
30 seconds of Suicide Sprints
15 Squat Jumps
1 minute of Climbing Up and Down the Stairs
15 Frog Jumps, in place
30 second Skull Crushers, using light weights
30 second Fly Backs, using light weights

Cool down 30 seconds each for 2 rounds
Hollow Body Rocks
Butterfly Kicks


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