Over Coming the Holiday Food Guilt

The holiday season is here and the taste of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s is filled with cheer!  Today, I will talk about how you can enjoy your holiday without feeling limited or guilty!

With the holiday season coming up it can be hard for you to resist over indulging in those tasty meals and treats that family and friends bring over.  You don’t have to resist but instead treat it like any cheat meal that you would have on your cheat day over the weekend.  Indulge some but make sure that you still monitor your intake.  This allows you to still enjoy the feast but without the guilt!

What do you do after the holiday? You’ll probably still have leftovers from your Thanksgiving get together or Christmas extravaganza.  There are ways that you can work leftovers into your healthy eating.  For starters save the veggies or fruits that you may have had during your holiday feast.  These are great to take for lunches during the week.  If you still have turkey or any kind of meat leftover you can use them to make healthy dishes for the week.  I hope some of these ideas help you indulge a little without cheating yourself.

Get your holiday on by trying the Autumn Twilight at Winan’s Coffee shop.  It’s a delicious blend of white chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnut.

Home/ Gym workout
Complete 3 rounds

Dumbbell squats 15x with light weight
Lung walks with Dumbbells 15x with light weight each leg
Box Jumps 15x
Military Press 10x with light weights
Bicep curls 10x with light weights
Rows with light weights 10x each arm

Cool down

20 minutes on the stair stepper or stair master

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