How To Dress Without Stress For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is right around the corner…literally! You may be overwhelmed and thinking that you don’t have any flattering Thanksgiving outfits or that your pants may not fit after that second helping of mashed potatoes. But no one has time to spend a ton of money on a new holiday outfit with Christmas coming up! Never fear. We’ll take a look at a few options that you can pluck straight from your closet to make you look like a straight up model.

First off, if you own a pair of leggings then bingo! This is one of the easiest pieces of clothing to match for the holiday season. Not only is it stretchy for comfort while eating all the pie, it goes with just about anything. Pair it with a dress or a long shirt and some boots. Super easy!

Sometimes jeans can feel constricting. If you don’t feel like going for that route, try a cute dress! If it’s cold outside, pair it with a pair of tights and a sweater. It will be a mix of fancy and casual that your guests won’t see coming. However, if jeans are your thing, try mixing it up with a nice pair of colored jeans or ripped jeans with a simple shirt tucked into it.


Lastly, you can ALWAYS look chic in a good pair of boots. Tall boots, short boots, heeled booties….grab a pair and go! They’re comfortable and can turn any outfit into a whole new look. Sometimes it’s better to focus on one area when you have a statement piece, like shoes.

Thanksgiving should be about fun and…being thankful. Don’t stress this year with what to wear! Go into the holidays knowing that you feel good and comfortable in your own skin, even if you break out a dress that you haven’t worn in five years. It’s always fun to make new outfits out of old clothes!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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