09.22.2016 – Are You an Empty Shopper?


How do you know if you are an Empty Shopper?

  1. You feel guilty purchasing something for yourself – even if it’s something you really need in your closet.
  2. Your closet is full of items that you just can’t dispose of – though the clothes are so worn that you wouldn’t pass them down to someone else.
  3. You rationalize your decision to not purchase something you really need.

How can you save yourself – and your closet – from the Empty Shopper Syndrome!?

  1. You need a “spuddy.” A spuddy is a SHOPPING BUDDY. Your spuddy will help you rummage through your closet, help you determine what you need to throw out and replace, and assist you in shopping. Your spuddy won’t try to convince you to purchase EVERYTHING – but will help you find what you really, truly need.
  2. Make a list of what you need – then go to the store and BUY it. Don’t go back home until you have what you really need.
  3. Understand your value. It’s easy to find a million reasons to not spend money for yourself – but you are worthy of a jacket, pair of jeans, or dress shirt that fits you perfectly.

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