The Monster of Men’s Fashion

Well hello there! First and foremost, welcome to the wonderful entity that is The Look of You. Glad you decided to stop by, volunteering as tribute … may the odds ever be in your favor.

Okay, okay, seriously (at least for a moment), my name is M. Stephen McGill II. Yes, “the 2nd.” When “Jr.” is attached to the end of your name, people instinctively refer to you as “Junior,” forgetting that you actually have a more acceptable government name.

As I’m sure you’ve already pieced together, I’m a male blogger for The Look of You. How I began working with The Look Of You could not have been more perfectly timed. Coryn Bostwick (Co-Founder And VP of Marketing of TLOY) and myself have known each for some time. One of the last things we laughed and joked about during our final years of college was that we would one day be working together. Fast forward several years and well, long story short, after a Facebook post and messaging, texting, a few phone calls, and several failed attempts at using Skype, here I am!

My whole reason for being here is simple: Fashion.

“Well, what about fashion??” I hear some of you asking.

Fact of the matter is, I have always internally been into fashion, but it’s only as of the last couple of years that I have began to express that externally. The world of fashion can feel like the premise of Monsters, Inc. – there are monsters in the closet and under the bed waiting to scare you into cardiac arrest. However, when you decide to confront the scariest of monsters, you discover one of the most fun and warm encounters of your life. The world of fashion is exactly like that! Once you know what type of “monster” you’re dealing with and how to approach it – it becomes much more enjoyable!

My desire is to introduce these “monsters” to you, showing that they aren’t as scary as they seem. That, in actuality, they can be fun, entertaining, and even provide you with a sense of confidence and newfound pride.

So join me – together we will learn, grow, and hopefully, when all is said and done, discover that Sully isn’t so bad after all!


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