09.16.2016 – Are You a Serial Shopper?

How do you know if you are a serial shopper?

  1. Though your personal closet is bursting at the seams – you constantly claim that you have nothing to wear. Though you go shopping for one particular item, you leave the store with ten items – none of which were what you were intending to purchase in the first place!
  2. You are “trigger happy” when you shop online. You purchase anything and everything you love on your favorite shopping websites. You get instant gratification from your purchases.
  3. You have clothes in your closet that still have their tags because they have purchased so many items that you don’t have the time to wear them all – or, without thinking, you have purchased duplicates of the exact same pieces!

Now, what can you do to better your personal shopping experience?

  1. When you walk into your closet, separate the items that have tags and the items that do not have tags. From there, look at the tagged items and determine if any of those clothing pieces have been purchased in the last ninety days. Since this is the general timeline for store repairs – go return any of those tagged items you have purchased and haven’t worn in the last three months!
  2. Before you go out to the store – make a shopping list and stick with it. Do not stray from that list!
  3. If you are a “happy clicker” on your phone for purchases – think about the apps that you use the most and delete them. We know it seems unbearable, but until you can better discipline yourself and your purchases, you need to avoid the temptations entirely.

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