It’s Not You, It’s the Jeans

As we head into Fall, denim jeans are a must-have in a person’s wardrobe. If you don’t own a pair of denim jeans, then I advise you to go out and get a pair for yourself. But, before heading out to check out those fabulous sales, there is something you need to know first:

You need to know your measurements by writing them down before going out and buying that pair of jeans. It will save so much of your time! Do not be afraid to ask someone who works at your favorite clothing store for a pant size chart to see what size you are based on what your measurements say.

Now, you may be wondering when and how you should measure yourself. The best time to measure yourself is in the morning – right after you wake up and have used the restroom, but before having your first meal of the day and without wearing clothes.  That is how you will get an accurate result in your measurements. When measuring for pant sizes, there are three areas within your waistline and hips to target:

  1. The smallest part of your waist above the belly button
  2. The center of your waist where your belly button is located
  3. The lower and thicker part of your hips by your torso.

I’m sure you have been through the struggle of going to a clothing store, trying on your pant size, and being unable to fit them! Discouragement is setting in and you know you have been doing the right things by going to the gym and eating healthy. Don’t worry, it’s not you that can’t get those pants to zip up, it’s the brand of the clothing that doesn’t configure with your body type. Many designers brand their clothing after a specific design from their collection and they want a person with a specific body type to wear their clothing. If more than one person has a similar figure to the model that wore their brand, they will launch and sell their products to people with that body type. You may fit into one pair of jeans in one store better than another. Remember: It’s not you, it’s the brand of the clothing.

 Colada Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Smoothie:
1/2 cup gluten free organic rolled oats (optional)
2 T of Organic Peanut Butter or PB2 powder
1 T of cocoa powder
1 scoop of Ideallean Pina Colada protein powder or any protein powder
1 T of organic agave nectar or honey
1 cup of almond milk or coconut milk
1 t of vanilla extract
5-6 ice cubes (optional)
Dash of Nutmeg to sprinkle on top

Step 1) Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend it together. Add ice cubes.
Step 2) Pour and enjoy!!

Nutrition Facts:
Serves 1
Calories: 387.5
Fat: 5.5
Carbohydrates: 57
Fiber: 8.4
Protein: 33

HIIT Workout:
Warmup: complete 4 rounds
50 Jump ropes
24 mountain Climbers
10 Squat Jumps
1 minute of High Knees

Gym/Home workouts: complete 5 rounds
Overhead Military Press (12 reps)
Hip Thrust with barbell weight on the bar (10 reps)
Step up holding dumb bells (10 on each leg)
Split Jumps 20 reps (10 each)

Abs: complete 3 rounds
Lemon squeezers (10 reps)
Cherry twists (10 reps)
Plank side crunch (10 on each leg)

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