09.08.2016 – Are You a Fantasy Shopper?

How to tell if YOU are a Fantasy Shopper:

  1. Do you ever walk into a store, see an article of clothing, and immediately envision yourself wearing it in a different body or to an event you are unlikely to ever attend?
  2. What percentage of your wardrobe do you wear regularly? The average “fantasy shopper” only wears 1/3rd of his/her closet! This is either because he/she has purchased clothes at a smaller size for ‘thinspiration’ or has invested in clothing that is not reasonably wearable in the immediate future – leaving it to collect dust on a shelf.
  3. Do you have multiple clothing pieces that are hanging around for YOU to change – for example, losing weight or getting a different job?

Now that you have an idea of whether or not you are a Fantasy Shopper, let’s focus on how to shift your mindset to make you a smarter, savvy shopper!

  1. Before you go shopping – you must know your measurements! If you take the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips when you go shopping – the store associates should be able to determine your body type and direct you to the best clothing for your shape.
  2. Discover your style for yourself. Go through your closet and separate what you wear frequently in one pile and what you haven’t worn in at least six months in the another pile. From there, sort through the clothes you DO wear and decide what you like about them and why – then you will know what styles you are most likely to wear outside of just the fitting room!
  3. Learn to shop in your current moment. When you walk into the store, think about the next 3-4 weeks of your life. Are you going to a wedding, sporting event, or on a date? Think about your immediate future when you shop – because chances are that if you purchase an item for an event eight months down the road, you will want something new by the time the event rolls around.

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