The Benefit of Budget

Growing up, my family was never wealthy. There were even times when our meals consisted of beans and rice every day. My family of six shopped at the thrift store for all of our clothes and my mom taught me how to spend my money wisely. So it only makes sense that to this day I can only spend so much on clothes.

I was always jealous of the other kids who had the newest clothes or shoes. I always wondered why we couldn’t be like them. Looking back now, I realize that my mom was smart with her money. She didn’t use a credit card to gain the material things she wanted. Instead, she used what she had and looked to magazines for inspiration before deciding where to spend her money. 22 years later and I have become a sucker for budget shopping.


Let’s be honest: clothing these days can be outrageously expensive for no reason. The advertisements for high-end products can seem like they are screaming in our faces everywhere we turn. I’m here to tell you that you can dress expensively and stylishly without spending a pretty penny. Don’t believe that lie that you are only beautiful based on the name brand you wear!

As we journey together, I want to show you my favorite, affordable stores and how to shop them. And yes, that means even going to the thrift store! Many people are so afraid of the thrift store. Don’t let that be you! There are so many great pieces of clothing that people miss out on because it’s a “second-hand store”. I once found a brand new $90 Fossil skirt with the tags still on for $5 and I will never stop being proud of that purchase.

So excited to be walking this path with you. Learning how to shop budget-friendly is one of my very favorite things. Don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts and concerns in the comment section below!

Happy Budgeting!

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