The Wealth of Health

I have such a passion for Wellness, Health, and Fitness because of the drive I have to succeed in all three areas of my life when it comes to taking care of my body. Not just based off of being physically healthy by working out, but also being mentally and spiritually healthy. That’s why I want to share my own experiences and what I have learned along the way with my fitness journey.

My reasoning to write for The Look Of You is to help with empowering you to grow in your body, style, beauty, and lifestyle. My main goal is to help and engage men and women to grow into the confidence of loving their own bodies and to define what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.

My goal through this blog will be that each of you have a different but truthful perception and outlook of what it means to be “healthy.” Health is important through all stages of life and we must consistently take ownership of our bodies and properly take care of them by being physically active, having the right mindset towards being healthy, and being spiritually in-tune with our eternal self.


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